You will not have to worry about financial new year to come and that’s because the Fire Monkey year brings opportunities that will increase your winnings. You may be returned some loans or to take possession of an inheritance.
Chinese horoscope of money. Cow

Due analytical abilities you have, you will get considerable income to August 2016. You will need to keep your spending under control to achieve your financial oboectivele. In this way, you will have money in the future. The last three months of the year will be challenging financially. You have to stick deep into his pocket for unexpected expenses.
Chinese horoscope of money. Tiger

Between May and October 2016 you’ll be forced to do your long-term financial plans. Stay away from things that you do not necessarily need. The renovation and redecorating the house will involve very high costs, so put away the time.
Chinese horoscope of money. Rabbit

In the first four months of the year, trying to put aside part of your salary and buy only things you can not postpone them. Will you manage to find yourself another job, with a salary more attractive. And so, you’ll gain much better and I’ll allow things that until now only dreamed that you can have.
Chinese horoscope of money. Dragon

Put your finances in order and focus on pay and savings. Between March and May, the monetary situation will improve considerably. You have a budget in which you’ll be able to afford things and even holidays. It is also good to be cautious on what you spend your money.
Chinese horoscope of money. Snake

You will have some financial problems in the new year, which will affect both emotionally and mentally. That does not prevent you from doing any progress at work. In November, you will make some effort to improve your lifestyle. You will encounter difficulties in expenses, why not borrow money, because that will affect the long-term financial situation.
Chinese horoscope of money. Horse

You will have to face more financial challenges between February and May 2016, and in September and November 2016. Before accepting a promotion or a new job, you have to be sure that the choice and the plan will help financial. Balances income and expenses and make sure of what to put aside.
Chinese horoscope of money. Goat

You will not be short of money in the first half. In September and October should revise your monetary situation and work on a strategy to have money in the future. If you want to have enough money for fads, seeking solutions that allow you to earn more. Only then you will be successful on this plan.
Chinese horoscope of money. Rooster

Throughout the year, you’ll have plenty of money. Nay mull, you will not have to cut costs, since money will get everything. In November, you’ll spend less on gifts than usual for a partner. If you want to go on a vacation, plan it between May and September.
Chinese horoscope of money. Monkey

You will do everything you can to increase your income. Between February and May 2016 and September and November 2016 you will double your winnings. You will have the means to pay your expenses without stay with debt.
Chinese horoscope of money. Dog

Share your budget so that your money left to pay the bills. In the summer months (June to August) you tend to spend more than you can afford to live a luxurious life and. Do not spend just to maintain your social status, but not to take decisions that disadvantage.
Chinese horoscope of money. Pig

You tend to spend a lot in the first half, quarrel with your partner. You’ll be better in this respect between July and the end of 2016. For that misunderstandings do not occur, try to keep your money for a rainy day.